We're on a Mission to Bring Inbound Marketing to the Cannabis Industry

With deep knowledge of both inbound marketing and cannabis, Agency 1620 can help your business succeed in the cannabis industry.

Excellence takes time to cultivate, but our tailored inbound marketing strategies can accelerate your business growth as the cannabis market expands. Going beyond the basics of inbound marketing can completely transform the way you acquire and sell to cannabis consumers.

This is not a traditional industry. We are not a traditional marketing agency. We have over a decade of experience in applying cannabis to inbound marketing. Now, we’re applying inbound marketing to the cannabis industry.

We’ve helped more than 200 growth-focused companies vault over digital marketing benchmarks as Canada’s first HubSpot Platinum Partner, meet search intent with people-optimized content as a Certified Google Partner, and continuously improve performance as a VWO Certified Partner. We know inbound marketing, we know cannabis, and we know it’s time to bring the two together. Here’s how.

Accelerate Your Business Growth With Inbound Marketing

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Inbound Marketing

There is a wealth of information available to cannabis consumers but, for the most part, it lacks legitimacy, organization, and purpose. Businesses in the cannabis market can capitalize on consumers’ hunger for educational and instructional content while maintaining a laser focus on growing revenue. This is Inbound 101, but we go a lot further to drive uncommon inbound marketing results.

As Kula Partners, we craft inbound marketing strategies that combine elements of content, social media, and digital marketing with demand generation, lead nurturing, conversion data analysis, and more. You can learn more about the specifics of our inbound marketing methodology here.

Web Design and Development

Sophisticated design and a higher-class customer experience separate the digital properties of cannabis industry professionals from flash-in-the-pan opportunists. Our in-house team of experienced web developers builds beautiful, responsive, results-focused websites that sell products, services, and ideas.

Because we have more than ten years’ experience in custom web builds, we can integrate virtually any and all platforms and technologies. Security and compliance are critical to you and to us. Whatever you need your website to do, we can make it happen. Learn more about our custom web development capabilities here.

Ecommerce Solutions

Whether your website supplements your storefront or is your only point of sale, your eCommerce business will wither without a reliable, functional, and scalable eCommerce solution. We combine services like WooCommerce, Magento, Stripe, and more with custom integrations and advanced marketing features to give you complete control over your eCommerce property. We don’t do generic templated online stores—our eCommerce websites perform and get results.

Combined with inbound marketing tactics like abandoned cart nurturing sequences and sales-focused conversion rate optimization, your bespoke eCommerce solution could be first in its class in the cannabis industry. Learn more about our eCommerce solutions here.

Working with this team has increased our online sales by over 900%. I sell wine, and about the only category they know better is cannabis.

Matt Rogers
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Carman Pirie Carman Pirie

We’re on a mission to bring Inbound Marketing to the Cannabis Industry.

Let’s face it—the internet has let cannabis consumers down. Everywhere you look, misinformation and stoner myths replace credible answers about cannabis online. Broken websites and digital dead-ends replace elegant online experiences and proper e-commerce. As an industry, we must do better.

The cannabis marketers who win will win online. Creating marketing that attracts today’s cannabis consumer is only the first part—you need the marketing infrastructure and online know-how to convert that attention profitably into customers. As a HubSpot Platinum Partner, we have launched more than 200 websites and inbound marketing strategies over the past dozen years with a track record of helping our clients do just that.

Let’s get started,

Carman Pirie Partner