NOT Planning a Website Redesign?

Discover WebSight 2020: The High-Impact Website Diagnostic & Action Plan for Manufacturers

Enter 2020 with a clear view of your website’s weak points and the priority opportunities to improve your digital marketing performance.

If you’re not planning a website redesign in the next year—and you want to hit the ground running in 2020 by identifying quick wins to extract more value from your current site in between redesign cycles—WebSight 2020 is for you.

Gain supplier-agnostic advice that drives immediate improvements with this high-impact diagnostic package that includes an Interactive Website Analysis session and a prioritized Action Report of recommendations. Thanks to our proprietary diagnostic framework, WebSight 2020 can be completed in just 10 business days. Minimal time on your part and no lengthy agency procurement process is required.

WebSight 2020 at a Glance

  • Designed to help you extract more value from your existing website by gaining visibility into your website’s weak points and key opportunities for improvement
  • Perfect for manufacturing marketing teams who are not planning to redesign their website in 2020 but want to improve their results now
  • Diagnostic package includes an Interactive Website Analysis session (recorded as a video for future viewing) and a prioritized Action Report
  • Conducted by digital marketing, usability, and accessibility experts at Kula Partners—an agency built for B2B manufacturers
  • Can be completed and delivered in just 10 business days thanks to our expertise and proprietary diagnostic framework 
  • Starts at $6500 USD 
  • No lengthy agency procurement process is required


What You Get:

Interactive Website Analysis

  • Our digital marketing strategists and UX specialists will conduct a website teardown session with you in real-time, taking you step-by-step through opportunities for improvement. 
  • This live session is recorded and delivered as a video so you can easily watch it again and share it with your team—no scheduling coordination required.
  • Areas of focus include:
    • Analytics review - Gain insight into how visitors on your site are behaving and identify what is and isn’t working on your website.
    • UX review - Uncover the points of friction on your website that are frustrating your current customers and prospects.
    • Conversion flow assessment - Discover the missed opportunities for conversion that are standing in the way of better lead generation results.
    • Accessibility audit - Avoid lawsuits and ensure that people of all abilities can interact effectively with your brand online.
    • SEO diagnostics - Discover what’s holding your website back from ranking and attracting traffic from organic search.

Action Report

  • As a takeaway from the session, you’ll receive a prioritized list of actionable, supplier-agnostic next steps designed to move your digital strategy forward. 
  • Each initiative identified is vetted for its level of implementation complexity and anticipated impact for ROI validation.  



“Kula has been wonderful to work with. Their entire team is on the ball and focused on customer success. Not only have they taught us about [digital] marketing, they have inspired us to grow and explore.”

Steven Emmerson
CEO, Emmerson Packaging

The Investment:

WebSight 2020 starts at $6,500 USD. 

No travel or lengthy agency procurement process is required, and minimal time on your part is needed—just enough for an initial brief and your participation in the interactive session. Once initiated, thanks to our proprietary diagnostic framework, WebSight 2020 can be completed and delivered in 10 business days.

About Kula Partners

Kula Partners is an agency committed to helping leading B2B manufacturers craft digital experiences that transform how they engage buyers, serve customers, and outpace their competition online. We work primarily with North American-based manufacturing clients marketing within complex B2B selling environments.

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